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Size Chart

Sizes may vary

Liquid Blue prints our designs on different types of blank shirts, and buys some shirts from other companies. For appropriate sizing information, please check the 'Sizing' tab on the product detail page of each shirt you want to order. Liquid Blue strives to present the most accurate sizing information possible, but actual sizing may vary slightly (within 1 inch) from the measurements given here.

Select the correct size

The best way to select a size is to measure a shirt that you know fits well. First, lay the shirt flat and smooth out any folds or wrinkles. For the CHEST OR BUST WIDTH, measure the shirt across the chest, from armpit to armpit and then double your measurement (this will give you approximate chest or bust size). For the BODY LENGTH, measure the shirt from the bottom of the collar to the bottom of the front hem. Finally, compare your measurements to the appropriate size chart.

Tie Dye Washing Instructions

Tie Dye shirts and clothing are each unique in their own way- no two are ever alike. When you first receive your tie dye clothing from us, it has already been washed after dying and pre-shrunk. Wash your new tie dye first before wearing and hang to dry. This will get out any excess dyes.

We recommend cold water washing. It is also important to remove items from the washer immediately after the washing cycle is completed.

There are only two things you should keep in mind with a brand new tie-dye. Do not allow new tie-dye to soak for extended periods of time. Brand new tie-dye should be immediately removed from washer as soon as the washing cycle is complete. If you have allowed the item to soak for a prolonged period of time and notice some running, wash again immediately and then dry immediately. Our Tee Shirts shouldn't run or bleed; removing them immediately from the washer is your best insurance against an unintended accident.

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