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Easily keep your cool with the Cold Snapp Cooling Device.  The newest addition to Liquid Blue.  The Cold Snapp Cooling Device features original artwork from Liquid Blue. Made of fabric with high water retention, absorption and wicking properties, these stylish, portable pieces can serve as your personal cooling (and re-cooling) system.  Just wet, wring, snap - staying cool is a breeze! Easy to use - beat the heat in a snap! Provides cooling relief as long as the fabric remains moist. Keep cool when air-conditioning or fans are unavailable. Great for car trips, at the gym, sports and outdoor events.  Easily revitalized with a quick snap in the air. Cooling technology without the use of gels, chemicals or polymers. N o refrigeration required. Reusable - use over and over.  Made of 80 percent polyester, 20 percent nylon.