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Crop Circles (Code #11593)

So much about Led Zeppelin is shrouded in mystery and folklore. The crop circles which appear on their 1990 Remasters compilation are no exception. This particular design is derived from Lucy Pringle’s photographs of an unexplained pictogram that formed in East Field, in Kennet, a region in southeast England. While scientists insist the phenomenon is natural, many others point to a cosmic plot. In either case, it’s a conversation piece, and makes for a great new Liquid Blue classic.
Ice Cream Cone Kid (Code #11593)

As Rock ‘n’ Roll music matured in the 60’s, the cover of an album became a vital part of the album. The Grateful Dead were at the forefront of introducing the medium of visual art to their overall vibe. The Europe ’72 album will always be associated with the “Ice Cream Cone Kid” artwork by Stanley Mouse and Alton Kelley. Europe was an unheard of three LP set of live recordings which showcased such chestnuts as Ramble on Rose and Tennessee Jed for the first time. Liquid Blue is delighted to celebrate the design in a tie-dye palette as vibrant as the music itself.
Dark Side V (Code #11835)

Staying power…It’s what separates the men from the boys. Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon is the ultimate statement in the world of Rock ‘n’ Roll. It remained on the Billboard charts for a staggering 724 weeks. That’s 15 years. An intellectual endeavor, it deals with the notion that the pressures of modern life can ultimately lead to madness. These themes have left an indelible mark on our collective consciousness. Although the artwork of Storm Thorgerson has appeared on countless t-shirts, nothing can compare to the unique treatment Liquid Blue brings to the table on Dark Side V.
Quadrophenia (Code #11856)

When the Who came out with the rock-opera Tommy in 1969, they set the bar high for everyone including themselves. It speaks volumes that they were actually able to top that effort with another pure concept album, Quadrophenia. This 1973 gem was a coming of age tale set to music. It introduced the terms “mods” and “rockers” into the modern lexicon and spawned classic rock staples such as 5:15 and Love Reign O’er Me, as well as a feature film. Liquid Blue has taken the original album artwork and set it on a squeeze style tie-dye…an instant classic.
Strange Days (Code #11876)

It was 1967, the summer of love, when the Doors exploded on the rock music scene. Tie-dye as a fashion statement exploded as well. We thought it fitting to pay a debt of gratitude to one of the first real alternative bands. Jim Morrison was a counterculture visionary, setting desperation, sexual tension, and pure angst on a brutal collision course. The Strange Days t-shirt features the likenesses of all four band members, not just Morrison. The contributions of Messieurs Manzarak, Krieger, and Densmore cannot be minimized, and are not on Strange Days.
Blue Hawaii (Code #11884)

What better way for Liquid Blue to delve into Hawaiian-wear than with Blue Hawaii. Harkening back to that 1961 film classic, this t-shirt is as loud, tacky, and most importantly, as fun as it gets. It conjures up images of Elvis at his playful best. There was never a pop star as natural on the silver screen as the King, and Liquid Blue is proud to bask in that glory. It’s truly a great combination; Elvis, tie-dye, and Hawaii.
Tattoo You Stud (Code #11807)

The Rolling Stones are a lot of things to a lot of people. One thing they are not is tame. They are the wicked stepchildren of Rock ‘n’ Roll. The new Tattoo You Stud t-shirt by Liquid Blue is, like the Stones, a portrait in irreverence. It features a modern fashion statement on the famous tongue icon. The smash1981 Tattoo You album was laced with sexual innuendo and exudes the raunchiness that defines the Rolling Stones. It’s no surprise they’re still out there in the spotlight, and we’re proud to be out there with them.

NFL Big Guns
Our newest NFL style encapsulates all the qualities that make Pro Football America’s highest rated spectator sport. Essentially a cartoon caricature, Big Guns oozes charisma, aggression, grit, and testosterone. Each team is represented by its own character, stylin’ in its team colors, logo, and of course the signature muscles, aka Big Guns. If you want to be clad in the most “In Your Face” and unique shirt in your section at the stadium, Big Guns is for you.

New York Yankees (Code #19147)
BOSTON RED SOX (Code #19143)

MLB V-dye
There is no sport more steeped in American tradition than Baseball. Liquid Blue has taken the timeless nature of our national pastime and jazzed it up big time. The result… the Major League Baseball V-dye. Our NFL V-dye is the best selling licensed sports tie-dye shirt in apparel history. We’ve taken that tie-dye design and applied it to traditional Baseball elements such as the catcher’s mask, opening day ribbons, and the diamond itself. The MLB V-dye personifies a vibrant piece of Americana, past present, and future.

employee profile

Dan Bowersett

Liquid Blue believes that our staff of dedicated and exceptional employees helps make us an industry leader. In this section we will present an Employee Profile, highlighting an individual from our fine staff.

If you have ever called Liquid Blue's Retail Customer Service line, then you have probably already met Dan B. A much needed and welcome addition to the Retail team, Dan handles everything from phone calls and order processing to online advertising and new merchandise research.

In dealing with this wide range of tasks, Dan's friendly and efficient manner definitely impacts the impression that our Retail customers have of Liquid Blue. Customer satisfaction is a goal well met by Dan. Keep up the great job...and, thanks!

NAME: Dan Bowersett
TITLE: Retail Sales Guru
EDUCATION: University of New Hampshire (Go Wildcats!), Business Administration
Cooking seafood, camping, backpacking, playing Crack 'n' Fess with friends
The people that I work with and the customers that I talk to every day
FAVORITE LB SHIRT: Speed Demon Saloon
FAVORITE WEB SITE: http://www.dialasong.com
FAVORITE BANDS: Neil Diamond, Flaming Lips, They Might Be Giants
LAST BOOK READ: Catcher in the Rye, The Celestine Prophecy
FAVORITE TOY AS A CHILD: My stuffed donkey Lester
FAVORITE BEVERAGE: DeBoer (Whaler's Hawaiian Dark Rum, Ginger Ale, and Lemon)
FAVORITE MOVIE: Amazon Women on the Moon
A Cheesemaker

human interest

Donations for the Liquid Blue Charitable Fund for victims and families of the tragedy must be made separately from other Liquid Blue Purchases.

Please help us at Liquid Blue accomodate the dire need for financial help for the families of the victims of the recent tragedy in West Warwick Rhode Island at the Station Night club. We are a Rhode Island company and wish to help in any way we can. You too can make an immediate and considerable impact by donating any amount of money to the Liquid Blue Charitable Fund.

100% of these monies will go directly to the families in need.

There was a terrible loss of life in this horrific event, but it is in times like these when you can be a positive and humane factor to those who have lost loves ones. Step up and be counted, it's the right thing to do, you'll be glad you did....

If you prefer to not use Liquid Blue's secure server for this transaction call:
1-866-450-BLUE (2583)
Between 9AM To 5PM EST


Friday, February 28th of 2003 marked the beginning of a three night musical event at the Call nightclub in Providence. This series of concerts, aptly dubbed The Call to Action, was put together by the Liquid Blue Charitable Fund, with the proceeds going to the families and survivors affected by the Station nightclub tragedy. In the wake of the fire that claimed the lives of 100 people and injured hundreds more, we gathered the best local musicians from the region to donate their time and vast talent to a cause close to their heart. When the last note rung out and the dust settled early Monday morning, March 3rd, over 20 bands had played, ranging from veteran rockers Young Neal and the Vipers, to up and comers Ricky Valente, and Big John Tierney.

Thanks to a generous and creative musical community, we raised close to 20,000 dollars over the course of those magical nights, and we¹re not done yet. Originally, we commissioned engineers to digitally record the proceedings for posterity. However upon listening to the performances, we realized we had an incredible musical document. The result The Call to Action Benefit Concert CD. This is a brilliant portrait of a thriving local music landscape, a testament to our community, and another vehicle to raise monies for a worthy cause.

Thank you for all your support.